A word from your missions office


In your Texas Missions, we began 2023 with a celebration. Crosswork Church in Tahoka completed their five years of support with Texas Missions.  This young church is at an exciting place.  They anticipate buying their first building this year.  Before that purchase, a large part of their membership will be heading to South Africa on a mission trip.  

Crosswork is a mission minded church that is a faithful participant in BMA life.  Mike Watt and Trevor Cowan began this church together.  Jamie Hinojosa, who was a founding member, was ordained later and is the third pastor.  These men have been faithful and obedient.  They have really sacrificed to plant this bivocational church in a small west Texas town.  Will you join me in congratulating them and praying for them?  Let’s praise the Lord for his work in this sister church.

(Heith and Chris presenting a plaque and check to Mike, Trevor and Jamie the three elders of Crosswork Church during their Sunday Worship Service.)

Crosswork Church

PO box 88

Tahoka, TX 79373



Prayer Request

We are beginning the search for a missionary care coordinator for our Spanish speaking missions in Texas. After six years, Arnulfo Maldonado is no longer in this role. We are thankful for his faithfulness and hard work and are glad that he continues to be a part of our BMA of Texas Family as the pastor of Inglesia Victoria en Christo Church in Spring which he started and leads as pastor. We honor him as a man of God and thank him for his service. Will you join me in prayer for the next man that God has to serve your missionaries and connect with your BMA of Texas family that speaks Spanish.

100 New Churches/10 years

  • That we see an aggressive multiplication movement of churches who make disciples, equip and release leaders, and start churches for the glory of God and the advancement of his Kingdom Mission
  • That each new mission begin with a plan to begin three new churches in their first 10 years
  • That pastors and churches of the association be encouraged and equipped to start new churches
  • That we connect, evaluate, identify and train new prospective church planters

A word from your missionaries

Timothy Alba – The Bridge in Seagoville


I pray that each of us get energized for the new year. I think all of us can say that planting is challenging. It’s takes great faith to step out and trust God. Regardless of my talents and gifts I know that trusting God is key to planting a church. It is not by my power of strength that makes this possible. It is by God’s power our churches will be built. I, this year can say, we as a church have grown because God has made this possible. We as a church have focused on what God has done and where He is taking us. We are looking forward to see what God is going to do in 2023.

Prayer Needs:

Just continue to pray for our church.

Isaias Martinez – Conroe Mission


Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year 2023 to all my brothers and sisters of the great BMA family of Texas.

Prayer Needs:

Your prayers for 2023 to be the year of consolidation of a Multiplier Missionary Church.

Cesar Leal – New Mission in San Antonio


December is a very different month from the rest of the year. We are more involved in the work but at the same time families are more involved in their personal activities and are absent more. We take stock of the year that is ending and think about the new challenges for the coming year. There are new challenges, new goals and enthusiasm is growing. I still believe that the best times are yet to come!! and that the year 2023 comes loaded with many blessings for you and for us! amen! amen!

Prayer Needs:

Pray for my children who may come with us in the new year.

Kingsley Nduka / Aderemi BadruLight House Mission in Houston

kingedu700@gmail.com / remibadru44hope@yahoo.com

Moses cried out to God in Exodus 33 verse 15, for his present to go with him and his team. May we in this month off January 2023 ask the Lord to go with us and show us his glory and all that we do.

Prayer Needs:

My Family reunion was delayed, pray that God will intervene for us quickly.

Haitao He – Corpus Christi Mission


At the beginning of this year we see more and more chaotic situations happening in the world, we believe the gospel of peace is the only solution and we are grateful that we can participate in the mission of spreading the gospel.

Prayer Needs:

Pray that we can be the channel of the gospel to our families and friends in China who are currently experiencing the surge of COVID-19 and their uncertainties towards the future. Pray the people will response to the gospel and receive Jesus as their Savior.

Prayer Needs:

Pray that as the summer months wind down, we would be prepared for the ministry opportunities on the horizon in the coming months.

Jaime Henriquez – Fuente De Vida Eterna Mission, Houston


We always thank all the churches of the Texas BMA family for their prayers and support, it is always a pleasure to greet them and tell them that the work is moving forward, What we are evangelizing by discipling and accommodating members, training leaders, touching lives that God is transforming. We have 5 cells in different homes functioning, Bible institute on Fridays and the youth group that has its weekly meeting.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for the brethren of our church who have recently lost loved ones. Sister Maricela Villatoro who lost her father this year’s end Mr. Juan Espinoza and for the Ortega family in the loss of brother Ezequiel Ortega.

Fidel Torres – Planting in Denton


At the moment God has granted us three persons for His Kingdom. Thank Him Lord of the harvest for His Goodness. Now we are becoming more familiar with the city and we are also adapting more to living here, which is a challenge. This las month tank God we have been in good health.

Chris Driver – West Texas Multiplication Network/Texas Missionary Care


Howdy from West Texas! Can you believe it’s 2023? Wow! 2022 went by so fast and so much happened that it’s really difficult to take it all in! We started practice services on Sunday mornings and had a wonderful Christmas Eve service with 32 people as we are putting the finishing touches on the remodel. God is going to really use this building! It’s going to be a place full of life and hope for many many years to come in many ways!! Thank you for your prayers and support in getting it done! The plan is to begin opening up the building this semester for college students to come and hang out. We will be offering free coffee via Kureg Coffee stations. If your church is looking for a small way to impact the kingdom, we’d love to invite you to sponsor a machine and/or cases of k-cups so we can keep this free to the students. Thank you again for all you do for all your BMAT missionaries! It’s definitely a great time to be BMA!

Prayer Needs:

Life group multiplication

Upcoming public launch

SPC spring semester contacts

Open doors for the gospel in Levelland, the college, Whitharral, Sundown, smyer, whiteface

Possible next church plant in Lamesa

Robert Lee – Harmony Baptist Church in Normangee Replant


While December was a difficult month for our family, I am thankful to see that God has continued to provide for us here in Normangee. I pray that 2023 will be a wonderful year and that we will see Harmony become a church with a more significant impact in our community as the year progresses.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for the Gospel to be spread even more in Normangee in 2023, and for continued opportunities to show the love of Christ to our community.

Ronnie Mills – Kingdom Chapel Mission, Fort Worth


Brothers and sisters, it’s a New Year, but we still have the same mission. I told our people this past Sunday, on New Years Day as we observed Lord’s Supper, what a blessing it is that we can look back at 2022, at all the failings and shortcomings of our sin and know that our Lord Jesus paid in full all of that debt with His blood.

And yet, with tremendous joy, in the same way on day one of the New Year, we can look forward into all of 2023 knowing that the same blood that cleansed and all of 2022’s sin has cleansed all of the sin form our lives in 2023 as well.

Once and for all Christ died for us, and here at KC, we’re proclaiming that same good news to those around us. New year, same gospel! I truly hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season, and thank you so much for your continued prayers and support for Kingdom Chapel.

Prayer Needs:

This is my last year as a missionary with the BMA of Texas in regards to being on support, so with that said, I want to thank you for all of the support over the past 4 years for me and my family.

Also with that said, I want to appeal to you that you would pray and consider how you might be able to partner with this work financially through this final year, and maybe even beyond.

I desire that you would struggle in prayer with me and our mission that the Lord would grow us in number here to be able to reach a point of self-sustainability by the end of this year.

Our people here at Kingdom Chapel are faithful. They are committed, they love one another, and they love you. We need to grow, and we’re asking the Lord for that this year, would you join us?

Rudy Villareal – Hometown Church in San Antonio


We were able to share the Gospel with many of our neighbors in a very easy and relatable way through home baked cookies as well as carols. Let me share one story in particular, we caroled on many nights, but one evening we did not have as many people show, with the exception of a few. For a brief moment I felt a sense of disappointment, but this was alleviated when an Indian family showed up. They were so excited to join us and sing Christian Christmas hymns. Throughout the evening they prayed with us and sang loudly, “Joyful all ye nations rise…” and it hit me, Christ has sent the nations to us this evening. This is an appointment was set before all eternity that we would have this opportunity sent to them to declare, “Hark! the herald angels sing, “Glory to the newborn King.” They believe in multiple gods and that Jesus is just one way, and I gathered them all and shared that there is only one way. I shared that we were here doing this not out of tradition, but conviction as witnesses to the Truth of the Gospel. I shared the Good News with them and there need to respond with repentance and faith. We had a good discussion, and I pressed them because I told them that Christ is not just among a pantheon of gods, but He is God, creator of the universe sent as the second person of the Trinity to save sinners. Pray that they will take our dinner offer with them to discuss with them further. Please pray for the other occasions we were able to share the Gospel as well. Thank You!

Prayer Needs:

Pray that our first vision night comes together and that we are able to gather more people to start a Sunday evening Bible study.

Jose Torres – Tyler Hispanic Mission


Thank you for accompanying me and my family throughout 2022. It was a great blessing and we know that 2023 holds something even more special. God is good. Thank you for showing that kindness to us. God bless the Texas BMA churches!

Chris Mindi – Anchor Austin


Looking forward into 2023, God gave a word for us this year at Anchor Austin is ‘invest’. Investing as leader in our people’s lives, taking time to ruthlessly slow down from daily hustle and Spend more time with God to hear from him, training our people to do the same.

It is really important for us to realize every step of the way in our everyday lifestyle, we have got into the habit of getting things done quickly, if something is done early, start something else. But the principle of slowing down and getting before God is a skill to be developed, which is very rare and if we think, is essential for our spiritual well-being. to listen to our Father in heaven and hear him respond.

Prayer Needs:

Pray continually for this new year and season where we as Leaders go forward with a challenge and asking our people to step up in their commitment of ‘invest’ through Anchor Austin with Time talents and treasure. Specifically investing in making disciples actively and adopting this lifestyle. Pray for us as leaders to have the boldness and spiritual courage to put this in front of the believers God gave us. Pray for our people to see this opportunity as a step towards maturity of being a believer and seeking God’s guidance how they can invest through Anchor Austin.

Brad Holcomb – Redemption Baptist in Ft. Worth


We have been dwelling on the word, “patient” as a leadership team. Very few decisions need to happen right now… if that is demanded, outside of extenuating circumstances, usually for us the answer is “no.”

Prayer Needs:

Please pray for wisdom. Thank you!