A word from your Missions Office


Happy New Year! We enter 2024 with anticipation that rests squarely on the goodness and faithfulness of God. It is a joy to serve God, our missionaries and each of you. We are fellow laborers in seeing the great commission carried out and God’s Kingdom advanced. Let me know how Texas Missions can serve your church.


100 New Churches/10 years

  • That we see an aggressive multiplication movement of churches who make disciples, equip and release leaders, and start churches for the glory of God and the advancement of his Kingdom Mission
  • That each new mission begin with a plan to begin three new churches in their first 10 years
  • That pastors and churches of the association be encouraged and equipped to start new churches
  • That we connect, evaluate, identify and train new prospective church planters


A word from your missionaries:

Brad Cauley– Cedar Park Mission


Rob has opened his home for our weekly Bible study bringing many new believers and some interested in the faith, including a childhood friend he’s known for over 30 years. In early December the three of us had lunch where his friend shared both his respect for Rob’s faith and his own concerns and problems with faith for the past 30 years. Those concerns began to break down as he watched his friend, Rob, walk through the death of Rob’s son, leading his family through the suffering and shining Christ through the darkest of valleys. As we three reflected on Christ’s faithfulness with not a dry eye at the table, this friend shared how amazing it was to think that “Someone like Him, could actually want someone like me.” This was the first time Rob heard clearly his friend’s faith in Christ, repentance of sin and surrender to the loving forgiveness of Christ. We are now walking through baptism scriptures leading to the day that Rob will have the privilege of baptizing the friend he’s ministered to for 30 years. How faithful is our God!

Prayer Needs:

Pray for the Lord to open doors for the gospel to touch lives in Cedar Park, for our family’s move to the community and for God to continue to pour out His Spirit on the new believers and leaders in our church.


Haitao He– Free Salvation Bible Mission in Corpus Christi 


Thanksgiving is always a great time for me to celebrate God’s provision. This year, with all the ongoing events in between, we are uncertain about what we can celebrate. Many things come with a concern. We had a breakthrough on one project, and I have to say that God is faithful and He never delays. I am of little faith, yet still loved by God!

Prayer Needs:

Pray that God will increase the number of this ministry in the coming year of 2024 and that we will have a great start for the new year.


Jose Gil – Proyecto Misionero “Lidia” 

A group of immigrants, mostly Venezuelans, asked to ignite biblical teaching. They live in the same neighborhood and just heard about Christ as Savior and Lord. I volunteered myself to help with this, having the vision of farming a cell in that community (Spring, a few minutes drive from the cell in The Woodlands). For the time being, we have had three meetings and I found this is a promising group to become a strong cell. The momentum of our ministry and the feedback from the contacted people lead us to foresee a cell-mode church.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray that we will have the faith to keep our minds free of fears and be enthusiastic about reaching new people.


Tim Alba– The Bridge Mission in Seagoville 


Our church so far has been on  track. We do have struggles like any church but we also have amazing stories to tell when it comes to God doing powerful things through our congregation and leadership. For one, our strongest ministry currently is our women’s ministry. We have seen multiple salvations and baptisms come through that ministry. These ladies have done an amazing job sharing Christ and promoting our plant through events and outreach. We have also been successful in going out on the streets and sharing the gospel in the summers at parks and street corners where there is a lot of traffic. The amount of people we have prayed for and shared the gospel with has been astounding. We have taken opportunities to share the gospel with people walking in front of our building and seen them receive Christ. We have also been successful at giving to our community and also involving ourselves in city-wide events so we can promote our church. God has done amazing things this year. We are hoping to engage more people and challenge our congregation to new heights in their walk with Jesus.

Prayer Needs:

Keep Larry Alba in your prayers. He just started treatment for his cancer. Thank you.


Chris Driver– West Texas Multiplication Network/Texas Missionary Care 


Howdy from west Texas! What an amazing holiday season we had here at Oasis! From Thanksgiving for college students to Advent services to an amazing Christmas Eve Communion service, it was a truly special time for our church. And now we turn our attention to 2024 and the theme of “Refresh” where we will refocus on the basics of our faith and mission that God used to get us this far and trust He is going to use it to spur us to reach out even farther for His kingdom. We are praying for open doors in Sundown and here at the college and we truly believe God’s going to open those doors. As always, thank you so much for all your support and prayers that make it possible for us to be a part of what God is doing out here in west Texas. 2024…HERE WE COME!!

Prayer Needs:

Pray that God will open doors at SPC and Sundown, our leadership development, the adoption and implementation of new Missional Community rhythms and a storage shed so we can finish remodeling.


Rudy Villareal– Hometown Church Mission in Helotes 


People who are attending are very actively inviting other people into their sphere of influence. One lady, named Marian, came to church for the first time in years. She gave up trying to find a church, because they all did not teach the Bible, as she has a Bible Church background. She was encouraged to know that we teach the Bible and take His Word very seriously.

Prayer Needs:

Pray that some of our new visitors over the holiday season will plug into our fellowship.



Shane Carter– Lamesa Mission


We are steadily moving forward. We will be starting a Sunday morning meeting in January and have started a discipleship group on Sunday evenings. We are also beginning a discipleship Bible study at the police department on Tuesdays at noon in January.

Please continue to pray for open hearts and doors as God does his work in Lamesa.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for continued good health and for opportunities to spread the gospel in and around Lamesa.


Aderemi Badru-

Light House Mission in Houston 


God has been gracious to us by adding to us and helping us to train the people we have.

Prayer Needs:

At the moment, we need a space for worship that will be conducive for us to have children’s ministry. We currently meet at the hotel and our children use the gym for the kid’s church which is risky and at the same time difficult to manage because the people in the hotel can decide to use the gym at any time. In addition, with the growth we are experiencing, we surely need a better place. Please pray for the provision of funds and for us to be able to get the kind of space that will enable us to not just have a ministry for the adults but a place where we can have child care and kids ministry. Pray for provision for us to be able to get the equipment we need such as musical instruments and a public address system. God has been so gracious to us in the last year and we are seeing real commitments from those joining the church. Please pray that they will be established in Christ.


Peter Oyeniran – Planting in Mission Bend


We give God praise for helping us have a formidable team. We are able to have a get-together with a family and they will hopefully join us as a team.


Bichitrananda Satpathy– International Baptist Mission, Fort Worth


I shared the gospel with two people during the holiday season. They patiently heard the gospel and were open to it. However, they are yet to surrender to Christ. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will move on their hearts so they may accept Christ as their Savior. Their names are Ansul and Jashbir Singh.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for God to bring people to our biweekly gathering, for God to raise leaders and for His direction in this year.


Isaias Martinez – Conroe Mission 

The condition of the mission is favorable. Five people came to Christ during our Christmas service. We have welcomed two new families. We continue the discipleship and meetings of the oikos.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray that in the future we may have a place of our own.


Kyle Cheatham– Grace Church Jarrell Mission  


December was a time for our first Christmas Eve gathering as well as a successful New Year’s Eve outreach. As we approach our one year birthday as a church, God continues to draw people to Himself and to us. We long to see more people come to faith in Christ. We are seeing genuine worship, fellowship and discipleship, but not the salvations that we hope to see. It may just be about God’s timing as we continue to faithfully sow gospel seeds in personal conversations and corporate worship.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray over these five goals we have for 2024: 1. To see lost people come to lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. 2. To expand our worship leader position into a larger position where he oversees worship, tech, web, and communications. 3. To go from two to four elders. 4. To launch three discipleship groves of 3-6 people and complete writing the material by year end as we go. 5. To add three more fellowship groups. 6. To relocate to a larger space.