A word from your missions office


There are so many distractions swirling around us in a time that we can’t afford to be distracted. Between virus shut downs, protests, riots and economic threats we are bombarded. It can overwhelm.

The mission Christ left His Church is too critical for distraction. We must share our faith, make disciples, equip leaders and release them to make disciples and start churches. It is critical in every generation but BMA family, JESUS IS GOING TO RETURN. I believe soon. Time is going to run out for others to know and for us to walk faithfully. In the face of a world in upheaval, we must double down.

Let’s not neglect gospel sharing or the equipping of believers to do so. Also, let’s not neglect the care and support of our Texas missionaries on the field. I know that God is being faithful to you and your church. Don’t forget your missionaries. Paul gave us a challenging example when the persecuted New Testament churches took up an offering to help the persecuted church at Jerusalem. We need you.

We do not hope to see these things for our glory or for the BMA, but for the King and His Kingdom. We hope to see this goal become a reality without really focusing on church planting. We want to stay focused on our Great Commission. If we focus on sharing our faith, baptizing and discipling towards obedient Christ followers then these new churches among these unreached pockets of Texans will result.

In this current climate of Cancel Culture and in the face of a real illness, I am overjoyed to report to you that your missionaries reported 21 souls saved during the month of August. This is less than half the reports before COVID-19, but this number is amazing during shut down. Your missionaries are sharing their faith faithfully. They are seeing souls saved and disciples made even in this climate. People are being saved even when churches can’t physically meet. They are laboring hard for the Kingdom. All 30 of your supported missions are meeting live for worship. Discipleship is taking place. House groups are active. Like all churches they are seeing the loss of some who have not returned from the initial shutdown.

We all join you in praying for the end of this virus and shutdown. We pray that God will get glory in this season.

We would love to share with your church about what God is up to and show you how you can be involved. We have tools we can provide you to help you become a partner in church planting. Reach out to us.

Join us in laboring and praying for:

100 New Churches/10 years

  • That we see an aggressive multiplication movement of churches who make disciples, equip and release leaders, and start churches for the glory of God and the advancement of his Kingdom Mission
  • That each new mission begin with a plan to begin three new churches in their first 10 years
  • That pastors and churches of the association be encouraged and equipped to start new churches
  • That we connect, evaluate, identify and train new prospective church planters

A word from your missionaries

Neptaly Molina – Iglesia Bautista Mission, Nacogdoches


My wife has been in good health and we are very happy that her heart is getting better. We went to the cardiologist recently and he congratulated her because he said she had a good heart.

I have been receiving English classes through YouTube since the school I was in is closed due to the coronavirus.

We spent a good time in the Beaumont camp July 22-25. Everything planned by the Baptist Missionary Association of America was a great blessing. The lectures, the adoration, the food, the fun and the impressive testimonies of the speakers was great. God spoke to me and I renewed my commitment to continue letting God work in my mission areas.

Prayer Needs:

For our spiritual lives. Prayer that we win new families in Cushing. Pray also Our Vacation Bible School this month. We will do it in the outdoor park in Nacogdoches. Finally, pray for my graduation in 2021.

Kingsley Nduka – Light House Mission in Houston


Even though we are apart physically, we are closer in the Spirit as we pray for one another. May the Lord continue to uphold and keep you for all good works.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for my family and me and for God’s wisdom in taking steps as He leads me.

Wesley Burke – Redemption Baptist Mission, Nacogdoches


Romans 14:23b says, “For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” There are many options to appease others in these uncertain days, but the Christian must remember to act in regards to their conscience as it is informed by the Word of God. This has encouraged me specifically through quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic we all face.

Prayer Needs:

Pray that God would grow our church through genuine conversion and that COVID-19 would end.

Jesse Hales – Anchor Austin Mission in Leander

Dual Support BMAA/BMAT


COVID-19 is forcing all of us to think outside the box when it comes to outreach and connecting with people. As we prayed for new ideas this month, pressure washing popped into our minds. We rented some equipment, and with the help of a few friends, we made a meaningful, lasting connection with about 20 families in our neighborhood pressure washing driveways and other things completely for free. It’s surprising how fast doors open up and conversation starts to happen when you find a meaningful way to love on people like that. The most common question we got was “is this for real” followed up by my favorite “why”. What a great platform for explaining the love of God.

Prayer Needs:

We are getting ready to start our small groups back up and ask that you pray for that to go well.

Gamalier Luna – New Mission in El Paso


We have moved into a new building and have these needs:

1. Bass speaker

2. Speaker for keyboard and a keyboard

3. Projector

4. Four microphones

5. Computer

6. Cables for microphone connections

7. Live Studio Audio Mixer/Mixing Console

8. Microphone stands

9. Drum Set

We would be blessed to receive items or the money to purchase them. Thank you for everything.

Chris Driver – West Texas Multiplication Network/Texas Missionary Care


West Texas probably seems like another world to most people, but sadly we are experiencing the same chaos as everyone else. But praise God, like everyone else, we also continue to see God moving and working and the gospel advancing in ways we didn’t expect! Our efforts to reach new small communities here in west Texas is slowly moving on. I am now personally teaching people from five towns, which means we are reaching people in 10 towns here in west Texas! We are still a long way from reaching every town in west Texas, but every person and every town draws us closer. Please continue to pray for a second generation of groups to start from the ones we have already reached.

Prayer Needs:

Second generation groups

The Brockway Family

School starting back

Isaias Rojas Osechas-Church Plant in Spring


Continue to pray for us, for the establishment of new small groups and development of the Baptist mission, Victory in Christ. Pray for its forthcoming constitution into Pioneer Church. Infinite thanks for your moral, economic and great encouragement in planting new churches. Pray that we achieve our goal of three new groups so they can join with the church.

Ronnie Mills – Kingdom Chapel Mission, Saginaw/Fort Worth


It’s been a blessing this past month. We dialed back and began to focus on being the church, making disciples and living out the mission Jesus has given us. We are currently moving through the Sermon on the Mount all the way to November 8. Jesus has been wrecking our hearts, and we’re learning more than ever as His disciples. We stopped our online streaming to focus solely on the physical gathering, and have challenged our people to live out who we really are as sacred and set apart. Overall, this has been a very healthy shift for us to remove the production feel, consumerism and wasted energy.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray that Jesus would continue blessing Kingdom Chapel and the investment He is making in our lives. We know we’re tasked, as churches all over the world are, with a great mission, and we just want to be faithful. Please continue to pray and support us. Contact ronnie@kchapel.org for any information or ways to support.

Matthew Prather – The Bridge Mission, Midlothian/Waxahachie

Dual Support BMAA/BMAT


Summer is quickly coming to a close and school will be starting soon. There are many questions as to what that will look like in our area. I am sure that is the same in your area as well. There seems to be so much uncertainty in our world today. We are continuing to navigate how COVID-19 is affecting our community and our church. We continue to reach out to our community in new ways. We are seeing people saved through our online content and ministering to a lot of new people online and have good conversations with them. People are hurting, their marriages are struggling, they are fearful, etc. All these things are leading to conversations with people in our area. I ask that you would continue to pray for us as we minister during this different time. We thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for us as we lead our church through COVID-19.