A word from your missions office


We are excited about three new missionaries starting this month.  All three of them have been equipped and sent out of BMA Churches.  

Brad Cauley is preparing to make disciples in Cedar Park.  Brad is an Elder at Antioch Church in Georgetown and is being sent out by them.

Lisandro Barrueta Is making disciples in San Antonio.  He was discipled in the ministry of Iglesia Bautista Misionera de San Antonio and pastor Cesar Leal.  He has completed an internship there with the church.

Shane Carter is preparing to make disciples in Lamesa. He has been discipled and has finished an internship at Oasis Mission in Levelland.


I want to thank you for your care of your missionaries.  They were able to enjoy the annual missionary retreat this month because of your continued faithfulness.  


We celebrated the Organization and release of Mensajeros De La Verdad Iglesia Bautista in Bardwell.   Pathway Baptist Church in Waxahachie has prepared and supported this church well.  It was a wonderful day.

100 New Churches/10 years

  • That we see an aggressive multiplication movement of churches who make disciples, equip and release leaders, and start churches for the glory of God and the advancement of his Kingdom Mission
  • That each new mission begin with a plan to begin three new churches in their first 10 years
  • That pastors and churches of the association be encouraged and equipped to start new churches
  • That we connect, evaluate, identify and train new prospective church planters


A word from your missionaries

Jaime Garcia– Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida Mission in Gilmer


Thank you for your prayers and for your collaboration in missionary work, together we are doing this for Love of the Precious Name of Jesus Christ. Blessings to all my beloved brethren.

Prayer Needs:

Prayer, for my wife Gloria and my son Isaac, that they always have that availability of workers so that they see with their hearts, so many needs in people and that they continue to support me so that they do not get discouraged. (Translated with Google Translate)


Chris Driver– West Texas Multiplication Network/Texas Missionary Care


Howdy from West Texas! Summer is crazy busy here on the South Plains but we are continuing to stay steady and strong here at Oasis! God continues to grow and challenge our people. We have had many conversations about baptism and will be having our 3rd baptism celebration next month! It’s awesome to see God calling our people to obedience. We will be gearing up for the start of our college ministry soon. So please pray about helping with supplying K-cups for our free coffee and Wi-Fi ministry to the college students starting in late August. Thank you again for all you do and for all your support! We love our BMAT family!!

Prayer Needs:

Start up for college ministry

Open doors for the gospel

New connections in community and college


Isaias Martinez – Conroe Mission 

Thank you BMA for all the love and care you have for your missionaries, allowing us to enjoy some time of fellowship and family rest at the church planter retreat.

Prayer Needs:

We pray that we may have a place of our own. (Translated with Google Translate) 


Haitao He– Free Salvation Bible Mission in Corpus Christi 


Mission work is to share a word from God with people who don’t know God. Their gods, or things they valued the most, are more important to them until they realize that they are sinners who need salvation. Love, forgiveness, and salvation on us the believers bear the witness of the power of salvation.

 Prayer Needs:

Pray that Holy Spirit will strike people to recognize their sinful nature and Christ’s forgiveness of sin can be witnessed by our thoughts and actions.


Jaime Henriquez– Fuente De Vida Eterna Mission in Tomball


We are always grateful for all the spiritual and economic support that each church gives us, thanks to you we can carry out the work of God in this church. God continues to work in our midst, there are several recent converts being discipled, new visitors in whom the word of the Lord has been sown, in young people and adults there have been people who have sought reconciliation with God and are about to be part of the membership of the church. Yoao is a young man who has been visiting the church all this month, he is struggling to make the decision to give his life to Jesus and there are many things that need to be corrected, pray a lot for him, as well as for Jonaiquel and Victoria who have begun their discipleship process.

Prayer Needs:

For the salvation of Yoao and the spiritual growth of Jonaiquel and Victoria, a young woman who has just given her life to Jesus and has many serious personal problems. (Translated with Google Translate)


Rudy Villareal– Hometown Church Mission in Helotes 


Please pray as we move forward to meeting regularly on Sundays and that the people involved will commit to our Church.

Prayer Needs:

I have a tooth abscess that needs to be removed and been on medication, please pray that this goes well and that the bridge they put on stays put. Pray that I get fully recovered quickly.


Fidel Torres– Cristo Vive Mission in Denton 


The book of the Prophet Ezekiel gives us a different picture of what life was like for a slave. Ezekiel gives us his perspective on exile. And he shows us that even in extremely difficult situations, he did not stop serving God, he always looked for a way for the slave people to remember God and depend on Him. Always ready to teach him to seek God. Dependence on God is what allows us to do the unthinkable in situations impossible for us.

Prayer Needs:

Gratitude for your many prayers in our move, since we did not hurt each other much, God provided a lot. May God give us grace with our new neighbors, and may we be able to contact many Hispanic neighbors who live in the area. That we have very good health that we recover from the great fatigue we have after the move. (Translated with Google Translate)

Tim Alba– The Bridge Mission in Seagoville 


It’s interesting how during the toughest times you see God work through certain individuals. This has been the toughest month so far as we have had to encourage our members about their commitment to our church. We understand that people get busy but we encourage to make God a priority, especially during this evil age that we live in. With that being said we had 3 salvations and are baptizing 5- 10 people at the end of this month again. We have seen some growth but the work is burdensome and inconvenient. However, it’s all worth it when we celebrate with heaven as we rejoice to see new souls saved. Keep fighting the Good fight it’s worth it, even when we can’t see it.

Prayer Needs:

Please continue to pray for Frank Martinez. He is about to be put in the Hospital for 2 months due to Bone marrow surgery. Thank you.


Omar Pina, Sr.– Missions in Waxahachie/Dallas / dual support with BMA of America


Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the retreat a few weeks ago.

Prayer Needs:

For wisdom as I continue to train leaders and model faithfulness in the ministry and calling.


Cesar Leal– Iglesia Bautista Misionera de San Antonio & Iglesia Bautista Emanuel in Seguin


This month we have dedicated more time to worship with songs and to invite using social networks and we have seen how new people have arrived and this has us very motivated to such an extent that a worship group has already been formed that we are using every weekend. Praise the Lord!!

Prayer Needs:

Pray for a local or own land for the church in San Antonio. (Translated with Google Translate)


Kyle Cheatham– Grace Church Jarrell Mission  


My family *loved* the Church Planter getaway in Galveston! In early June, our people gathered for a meaningful evening of prayer and worship that served as the beginning of our transition to live music on Sundays as God has provided just the right family to help with that! We had our highest attendance yet at the end of June and continue to meet and draw in new people as we study through the book of Acts on Sunday mornings and our men study the attributes of God on Tuesdays.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray for peace and reconciliation as our church continues to work through a situation that negatively affected some, however, our people are responding graciously and I believe God is strengthening us through this. Pray that the enemy is unsuccessful in dividing us and that all walk in grace and repentance toward reconciliation.


Shane Carter– Lamesa Mission


Lamesa is fertile soil and ready for a church of unity and disciple-makers, we are ready to bring the BMA back to Lamesa. Please keep us in your prayers.

Prayer Needs:

Keep every missionary in your prayers as we are taking back people for God’s kingdom one person at a time.


Brad Cauley– Cedar Park Mission


The Lord reminded me this month that all of our walk and all of our work is a response to what He initiates. He is God who calls, He is the God with the plan, and He is God who chooses the man (people) for the mission. In the book of Joshua, just as He did with Moses in Exodus 3, God calls Joshua to Himself and to His plan. The famous, “be strong and courageous” passage only comes after God has clearly stated what He plans to do that He then invites Joshua to walk in. What an incredible comfort and what a powerful source of boldness, confidence, and strength for the mission ahead. And when we follow God’s faithful plan to call people to His mission from Noah, to Abraham, through Moses, Joshua, David, and all the way to us, we hear His say again, “I will build My church.” Who are we that the Lord would invite us into this greatest of all missions with Himself? 30 years into walking with the Lord and I still am blown away by His tender love, His faithfulness, and His ever closer presence as He accomplishes His purpose in this world, in the hearts of His people and through their lives into the lives of others. May God’s grace and mercy and peace fuel our hearts with boldness, courage, and renewed energy to join Him as He works His will through us.

Thank you for your prayers and your support of God’s mission!

Prayer Needs:

Please ask the Lord to confirm where in our specific area, he would have us plant. Please pray for wisdom about who to bring with us as well as for open hearts on the harvest.