A word from your Missions Office


Like so many BMA of Texas Churches your Texas Missions is trying to navigate Liability and property insurance coverage. Our provider notified us of their decision not to renew us this month.  The pool of possible providers continues to shrink due to the weather that has caused claims at churches across Texas these last few years.  Pray for Texas Missions as we navigate this.  We have heard from many of you that you are dealing with rising costs or cancelations.  Pray that we can find help and resources that we can share with all BMA of Texas Churches.

I would also encourage you to pray for our annual Missionary Retreat for Texas Missionaries and their families.  Pray that this retreat is the encouragement your missionaries and their wives need.  The retreat is June 17-19 in San Marcus this year.  Missionaries need this break and opportunity to recharge.  They are under attack as they share Jesus and make disciples in their communities.


100 New Churches/10 years

  • That we see an aggressive multiplication movement of churches who make disciples, equip and release leaders, and start churches for the glory of God and the advancement of his Kingdom Mission
  • That each new mission begin with a plan to begin three new churches in their first 10 years
  • That pastors and churches of the association be encouraged and equipped to start new churches
  • That we connect, evaluate, identify and train new prospective church planters


A word from your missionaries:

Jose Gil – Proyecto Misionero “Lidia” 


Teaching the relevance of baptism as a testimony of being a Jesus follower in one of the cells. Hopefully, a few will be baptized early in this summer. The house owner for the other cell received Jesus last weekend. Sharing life and time with new contacts, since we teach and share the insight of church not as a place to gather but as the family of God.

Prayer Needs:

Resources to dedicate more time to the people in cells.


Jaime Garcia– Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida Mission in Gilmer


First I want to share with joy what God is doing in His work, happy to participate in the youth ministry, I want to prepare a ministry that has vision and a commitment to God of integrity, young people are the future servants of God and in them I am investing my strength so that God’s work continues regardless of whether I am or not. A new family has arrived and we are helping them settle down with work and a home. I think it’s part of the ministry to help the community and the brothers and sisters in the mission. They start attending church and are happy to change their lives. Kennia, one of these people, has prayed the prayer of faith and agreed to follow Jesus, and all of us in the church rejoiced to hear that decision. On Sunday mornings we will have a discipleship follow-up.

Prayer Needs:

I am very grateful for your participation and your support both spiritually and financially, God is the one who takes care of his creation, and especially of his church, please help me with prayer for the activities we will have, I take care that the brothers get involved with love and gratitude, that we all continue in unity doing what has been entrusted to us directing souls to Christ. That he may be glorified.


Isaias Martinez – Conroe Mission 


The status of the mission for the month is favorable. We receive a new family as members and leaders. The OIKOS continues working. We continue to disciple.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for us as we strive to have a place of our own.


Haitao He– Free Salvation Bible Mission in Corpus Christi 


One member of our group plans to share her testimony in her workplace. The setting is that there is a time for people in the workplace to share their life experiences. The reason is another coworker just shared her bad experience about her previous church life and also she had not going to church for a few years. Then the member of our group had a burden to share her testimony about God’s grace in her life and she talked with us to have more peace and courage to tell her story. We are happily surprised and feel the Holy Spirit is working in people’s hearts to make them want to be a witness to God.

Prayer Needs:

Some of our group members are facing uncertainty about their jobs, please pray for God’s best arrangement for their future.


Jaime Henriquez– Fuente De Vida Eterna Mission in Tomball


We always greet all the churches in this great BMAT family and always give thanks for their prayers and financial support. Always praying for each of the churches and the missionaries. We are happy to share good news for God’s kingdom. This month we witnessed the salvation of one more soul, we delivered a discipleship diploma. The 5 cell groups are still strong and growing in the Lord. Two more people are being discipled and we will soon be celebrating baptisms. Keep praying for us that God will open doors and that the gospel message will reach the hearts of more people.

Prayer Needs:

I ask for your prayers for my mom as she has been diagnosed with Myelitis, a disease that attacks the nervous system and is paralyzed from the waist down.


Brad Cauley– Cedar Park Mission


The Lord has answered your prayers and blessed us with a home whose back fence opened to the large community park – the heart of Cedar Park. We are now poised to build relationships and share the love and truth of Christ with our city. Our people continue to grow in their love and understanding of Christ and are eager to see more and more people know Him. Thank you for praying with us. We are eager to see Christ exalted and adored here…

Prayer Needs:

Please pray that the Lord directs us to his lost sheep and blesses our leaders with the passion and conviction for his mission. We ask for a favor with our city and to be able to connect with the needs the Lord wants us to meet there.



Tim Alba– The Bridge Mission in Seagoville 


We are doing great. I believe our church is in a transition. This has actually been a tough year for the church. While we have seen growth and progress in our people we have also seen low attendance on Sundays. It’s been up and down this year but I made a personal decision to never stop no matter how hard it gets and to push forward and share the Gospel no matter what happens. God gave me a project and I am fully committed to it no matter what happens. Faithfulness is important and I want to be faithful in what God has given me stewardship over.

Prayer Needs:

Continue to pray for our church and its future as we push through our challenges as a plant.


Omar Pina, Sr.– Missions in Waxahachie/Dallas

Dual support with BMA of America


The mission is mainly suffering of lack of full commitment to the great commission and the activities to fulfill God’s calling. We will continue equipping them and pray for fully committed disciple-makers of this generation.

Prayer Needs:

For wisdom as I try new ways of getting our people fully engaged in the work of the ministry.


Chris Mindi– Anchor Austin Mission in Leander    


Anchor Austin Mission is doing great. Committed members are growing in their spiritual journey. New people are being touched by the very people that are growing at Anchor Austin. God is transforming our communities one family at a time. Please continue to pray that God moves supernaturally here in central Texas especially in our communities and among our people. HARVEST is MORE, LABORERS are FEW. We are praying for more passionate Christians who are inspired and motivated to be fully obedient and follow God in fulfilling his mission to bring HOPE to individuals and families here in Georgetown and surrounding areas.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for Anchor Austin and its members as they grow in their faith and be outwardly focused church every moment.

Pray for our Annual retreat that’s coming up. This is a time when everyone at Anchor Austin slows down and spends time together as a community and as individuals who delight in God.

Learning to ‘BE’ with God before ‘DOING’ the work for God.

Pray especially for these names below for this month. Sumesh, Hollie, Nandu, Shreya & Rahul


Rudy Villareal– Hometown Church Mission in Helotes 


We have started doing community BBQs once a month where we invite people out from the community for food, fellowship, and games. In our first one we were able to connect with a couple of families and hoping that we can continue to establish relationships through this avenue.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for us, there are people in our community that do not want us. They are very aggressively anti-Christian. Pray that we have an opportunity to love on them.


Aderemi Badru- Light House Mission in Houston 


Praise God we are making progress in training leaders as we eagerly look forward to our launch. Nevertheless, we are praying that God will raise for us help and resources to be able to rent a new space for worship for the church which can enable us to have a proper children’s church. The hotel we are using is not convenient for us and the place we found requires us to find help to pay for at least one year. We are grateful for the BMA Churches but we are also trusting that you still can support us in moving into a new space for our church plant.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray for us that God will send us help and resources to be able to rent a new space for the use of the church.


Luis H. Perez – Planting in Kyle


Well, we have had problems with people who say they have repented and believed in Christ, work with them for 7 or 8 months and they do not see fruit when they see that we do not agree and I call their attention, they go and talk to the members to cause division, Thank God the storm is abating and I can see that God is working in each of the members of Sovereign Grace, Pray for me This has caused my blood pressure to rise a lot and stress me, I ask for prayer for my father who is elderly and very sick (also a cause of my stress) but we keep going in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Prayer Needs:

Spiritual Maturity for the Church


Kyle Cheatham– Grace Church Jarrell Mission  


We had a wonderful women’s event called “Bible & Brunch” where 34 ladies gathered together at the church for delicious food and great teaching. A man in our church handled all of the food and a couple of our young men served the ladies as an extra treat. One woman shared her testimony. I taught from Scripture on “Cheerful Giving” with our time, talents, treasures, touch, and the truth of God’s Word. A very special part is that we had ten women each record themselves reading a verse of Scripture from the main passage. Our worship leader made a terrific video with nature scenes and the ladies reading for the audio. The church was beautifully decorated with a sunflower theme and the ladies loved it. Jacklyn headed it up with the help of several ladies. I think it will be an annual event.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray for our new Location Team as we seek options for a larger place to gather in Jarrell. Our lease is up at the end of November.


Robert Lee– Harmony Baptist Church in Normangee Replant


This past month has been busy. We watched our children finish Pre-K, first grade, and 4th grade. We also had the added surprise this month of one of our buildings suffering some minor damage from the neighbor’s shed burning down beside it! We are looking forward to the summer months and the opportunities to build new relationships in our community.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for opportunities for us to build relationships in our community over the summer months.