A word from your missions office


I really had an enjoyable and uplifting time at the BMA of Texas State Meeting. The Word was preached faithfully and the reports from our ministries were encouraging. The music was so uplifting. The Farley Street Family welcomed us warmly and took care of us across a long busy day. I love that we are hosted by church families. It changes our meetings for the better. Thank you Farley Street, Ellis-Hill Association, officers, departments, Justin Owens, Cassie Fulton, speakers, musicians and breakout teachers for a good annual BMAT Meeting.

I hope you were able to get to know your missionaries at the meeting. They enjoyed your fellowship and encouragement. The commissioning service was a time that meant so much to each missionary, especially the four new works that were introduced at the service.

BMAT family, we love you. It is a joy to serve you and serve beside you. If we can assist you we want to. We have trainings you can come to or we can bring your way. We can partner with you or share with you. Let’s partner for the Kingdom and pursue:

100 New Churches/10 years

  • That we see an aggressive multiplication movement of churches who make disciples, equip and release leaders, and start churches for the glory of God and the advancement of his Kingdom Mission
  • That each new mission begin with a plan to begin three new churches in their first 10 years
  • That pastors and churches of the association be encouraged and equipped to start new churches
  • That we connect, evaluate, identify and train new prospective church planters

I would love to come and share Texas Missions with your church or association. I have open dates and look forward to hearing from you.

A word from your missionaries

Cesar Leal – New Mission in San Antonio


I praise God for this month of October where I was able to share more of the Word of God and feel the support of 12 missionary brothers who visited me to hold workshops and evangelize in the streets. We saw God glorified.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for my family in Colombia. Pray also for wife as she is going to have an operation.

Kingsley Nduka – Light House Mission in Houston


Let’s give God praise for his faithfulness over us this season.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray for a meeting location for us to be able to gather groups together in one place.

Wesley Burke – Redemption Baptist Mission, Nacogdoches


Our new church studied the precious words of assurance spoken by Jesus in John 10 this month. I will remind you readers of it as well. We shall not be taken out of Jesus’ hands if we believe in him. He and the Father are one, and we shall not be taken out of the hands of Father either. Those eternal hands are the blessed assurance of our hope, and to think they were spread wide and pierced for you and me. (John 10:28-30).

Prayer Needs:

Petition God with us that he would grow our church through authentic conversion!

Jesse Hales / Chris Mindi – Anchor Austin in Leander

halesjesse@gmail.com | chris.mindi@bmats.edu

We at Anchor, Austin thank you for praying for us and supporting us as we go into the holiday season. Pray for us to have more opportunities to be more effective in spreading the gospel in this part of the state of Texas. Our vision is to be a multi-ethnic congregation of believers anchored and maturing in Christ with discipleship as our heartbeat.

Prayer Needs:

Continue to pray for Anchor, Austin, especially for those we are already ministering to, that they would mature in their faith. Pray also for our ongoing outreach ministry specifically to unbelievers.

Chris Driver – West Texas Multiplication Network/Texas Missionary Care


Back to basics! That’s been my focus this month. It’s so easy to get lost in a big vision and focus on all the things that need to happen down the road and neglect the things that need to happen right now. So, I have been focusing on keeping the main thing the main thing; that is, making disciples who will make disciples and let Christ build His church! Training with my six leaders is back on track and going great! I know they are going to be starting a new generation soon.

Prayer Needs:

Pray for the Nick Brockway family, more potential leaders, and for the towns of Morton, Whitharral, Aspermont, Haskell, Meadow, Lamesa, Sundown, Tahoka, Loop and Levelland

Isaias Rojas Osechas-Church Plant in Spring


Thank you for the moral, economic and prayer support for us in achieving our goals as we minister in Spring, Katy and Conroe. We praise God for people we are leading through doctrinal studies who will be baptized at the end of November.

Ronnie Mills – Kingdom Chapel Mission, Saginaw/Fort Worth


Things are going well here in Saginaw. The Lord continues to provide for us, and is keeping the doors open for His gospel to be proclaimed. We’re truly grateful for all your prayers and support for us as a church. We have remained committed to the call upon our lives and relying upon the power of our God, to help push us through this difficult season. We’re praying for the BMA of Texas, as well, and are so grateful to be a part of this great association of churches.

Prayer Needs:

Please be in prayer for us to continue strong in the Lord, that He would continue to open doors for us here in Saginaw for the gospel to go forward. Pray for the unity of our body, and also that we would be of sound mind and doctrine. We believe your sincere prayers for us make a big difference in the work of our ministry, and we just ask that you would press forward with us in spirit. If you would like to help us financially with any needs our mission may have, you may contact me at ronnie@kchapel.org. Blessings to each one of you in Christ!

Matthew Prather – The Bridge Mission, Midlothian/Waxahachie

Dual Support BMAA/BMAT


It is hard to believe that it is already October. This year is flying by. This year has been an interesting year for all of us. COVID-19 is not something that any of us expected to have to deal with when the year started. As with every other church, it has caused us to adjust in many different ways. We are continuing to reach our community in new and different ways. Social media and our website have played big roles in this as we continue to connect with people of all different kinds of needs and struggles. Almost daily, we are able to minister to someone who has found and reaches out in these ways. Please pray for us as we continue to impact our community in different ways. Pray for those to whom we are ministering who are hurting and struggling. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Spencer Simpson – Redeemer’s Love Mission, Houston


God has been moving greatly at Redeemer’s Love! We are overjoyed to begin looking at planting more churches in southwest Houston as the Lord continues to bless us with a growing flock to shepherd. Thank you for your prayers and support. God is blessing your faithfulness and kindness greatly.

Prayer Needs:

As we grow and begin to look at planting more churches, we ask that you would pray that the Lord will continue to supply or raise up men in our congregation that will be faithful shepherds of these future churches.

Jaime Henriquez – Fuente De Vida Eterna Mission, Houston


Greetings from our mission to all the churches of the BMA of  Texas. We thank you for all the support you have given us. We are advancing the Kingdom of the Lord reaching the lost for Christ. God is moving in a special way here in Houston saving souls and transforming the families in our communities.

Prayer Needs:

Pray that God will provide our own place for the worship services for our mission.

Mike Watt – Cross-Work Mission, Tahoka


This has been a good month for Cross-Work Church. Our outreach efforts have landed us back in the elementary, middle school and high school. Those Bible studies are up and running. They are very exciting to be a part of each week. At the elementary school, we have around 20 kids attending, and the high school and middle school have six. Each week, we answer difficult questions and help kids understand and follow Jesus.

Prayer Needs:

Please be in prayer for us as we move forward. Our disciple making process is being refined and we are trying to balance that with our outreach efforts. Please pray that God would bless our efforts to seek and save the lost and make disciples in our town.

Robert Lee – Harmony Baptist Church in Normangee Replant


This month has been exciting! Although the threat of COVID-19 still puts a damper on a lot of things, we were able to begin reaching out to some of the young children and their families in our community this month. We opened our doors to our local Cub Scouts, who are forming a pack and using our facility to meet. We also held an outreach event at the end of this month and gave out free candy and hot dogs to children and their families in our community. There are even more good things on the horizon. We serve such a wonderful Savior!

Prayer Needs:

Pray for continued blessing in reaching out to families with children in our community.

Neptaly Molina – Iglesia Bautista Mission, Nacogdoches


I want my life to be a motivation to all the people around me, starting with my family. I want to motivate my wife, my son, my church, the leaders and pastors of my association. We made a great impact in our missionary and evangelistic activity that we carried out in San Antonio Oct. 16-18. Pastors and leaders were impressed with the multiplication workshop that I shared there, and they want to continue learning about the missionary material and strategy to refocus on the Great Commission and grow as a work of God. Soon, I will be giving this workshop again at Suburban Wood, Humble, to pastors and leaders of our Hispanic work, and I hope it will be a great blessing. 

Prayer Needs:

I ask for your prayers that God will help me to continue doing the work, that this pandemic will end. Pray that God will open more for us to preach the gospel and achieve our goals.

Cesar Cantu – Carpenter’s House Church in Oyster Creek


It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Do not let it be all about following rules. We cannot take the stance that I have gotten my life together and I am making good choices and in doing so see the errors of others are magnified.

Prayer Needs:

Our prayer is that God would make us better disciples so that we can make more disciples.

Timothy Alba – Resident Intern in Seagoville


We are looking for more leader’s to help us plant. Please pray with us for more leaders.

Donny Sadler – Impact @ Bethel in Dallas


Thank you for your support. Continue to pray for our launch.

Prayer Needs:

Pray that the fear of COVID-19 will ease in Dallas.